Active membership

Active church membership in a local body of believers is focused on personal responsibility, shared affirmation and commitment to participation within the body of Christ. From a biblical perspective, members of the body have a specific function to play within the larger whole.  Therefore, members are invited into a deeper level of community and care within the local church.  

Our hope is for believers to understand what it means to walk intimately with Jesus in the context of a local church--living, loving and serving within the body of Christ.  We here at Trinity long to inspire you to leave behind spectator Christianity, inward-focused church life and isolated religious consumerism in order to help you move toward a more robust and biblically faithful membership at Trinity.  

Romans 12:4-5


Active membership is an invitation to be part of something much more profound.  It is an opportunity to actively take strategic next steps in committing to the mission and ministry of Trinity such as the following: 

  • Connect in Community Life
  • Proclaim the Gospel
  • Believe and be baptized 
  • Attend the worship gatherings
  • Serve faithfully
  • Be equipped
  • Give generously

An active member is asked to personally commit to their individual responsiblity within the body.  Church leadership is also invited to do their part in providing Christ-like servant leadership to the body of believers. 

1 Peter 5:1-3


Therefore, the pastor and ministry staff team of Trinity affirm the following: 

  • Hold faithfully to the Gospel
  • Shepherd the church with care
  • Exercise appropriate oversight
  • Hold fast to the Word of God
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility 
  • Follow through with "Care and Correction" if and when necessary
  • Generously invest in the needs of our community and world
  • Maintain a high standard of biblical leadership


Are you ready for authentic commitment? We would love to meet with you to talk through next steps and invite you to register for our next Membership Class.